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200W UFO High Bay Light

  • Model:KT-UFO-200W
  • Describe:200W UFO High Bay Light

Products Features:

1.Aluminum radiator leading to increase heat conduction capacity.
2.The three-dimensional air convection cooling, let the lamp temperature less than 65℃ (Environmental temperature: 30℃).
3.The light source and power supply ventilation design, isolated can extend LED’s life.
4.Using a hydraulic press + + spinning technology, innovative, efficient and economical.
5.Integrated and ultra-thin design.
6.Newly increased pure aluminum plate, more firm, more durable.
7.Beam angle can be optional: 60°,90°, 120°, can be used in different situations.
8.The lighting efficiency can up to 160LM / W.
9.Waterproof rating up to IP66.

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